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Remick's Orchard
18978 Lake George Blvd. NW
Anoka, MN 55303
Remicks Orchard

Are you ready to get CORN-FUSED?

We are now preparing our farm for your adventure!

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Corn Maze

Be prepared to get lost in our maze adventure. Inside our 7 acre maze you will find twisting pathways with educational phrases. Spend quality time together with your family to find your way out of the maze.

How we make our maze

In late May our maze is planted north, south, east and west. We spend countless hours hand drawing our design. This year’s maze will be ready in mid July. We’d love to tell you more but we’ll reserve this for the maze party.

Corn Pit

Dive into our 300 bushel corn pit and come out silky smooth. Kids and adults alike can spend hours playing here. Please note: throwing corn is not allowed so all our guests can enjoy this attraction.


Duck Races

The duck races at Remick’s Orchard are one of our most popular events! Kids of all ages enjoy racing their rubber ducks into the next tub.

Hay Rides

Take one of our hay rides around the 40 acre event area. See the corn maze, bee hives, pumpkin patch, and old farmstead. Pick your own pumpkin and bring it back on the wagon.

Visit the Old Farmstead

Our hay ride makes a stop at the old farmstead. This is a great place for photos! This area will continue to grow as old equipment is added year after year. Relax here and see if you can hear grandpa calling the cows home.



What could be more fun that shooting a push-fired cannon? Fire small pumpkins, corn cobs and apples to try and hit targets. This is sure to be a crowd favorite! Cannon events are included in entry fee. Additional shots are available for purchase.


Corn Launchers

Cannons too powerful? We also have corn launchers. Take corn cobs and launch at a target. Each guests will receive five corn cobs to launch. Additional cobs can be purchased.

Photo Opportunities

There are always lots of fun photo opportunities at Remick’s maze! Please use caution when climbing on exhibits. Structures can be just as fun to look at rather than climb and destroy.

And lots more!

The grain train runs continuously through and around the maze and pumpkin patch. This train makes no stops so hang on on tight! We also offer face painting, a straw slide, hamster roll and plinko! There is definitely something for everyone at Remick’s Orchard.