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Join Remick’s Orchard Junior Orchardist Club!


Remick’s Orchard is proud to announce the beginning of its youth programs. Here’s what you can expect:

All students will be given a preassigned time for their 3 visits to the orchard. (Please note: Pollination is all weather related so we will not confirm class dates until spring has sprung.)

Visit #1 | Pollination:

jr orchadist bee flowerIn May when the apple, cherries, plum and pear trees are blooming a unique pollination process takes place. Students will arrive at orchard to attend a lecture on pollination. They will visit the orchard and witness first hand the pollination of our fruit trees. The bees will already being doing their magic so this should be quite exciting to witness.

Students will also receive their Junior Orchardist Shirts, informational handouts and lecture on bare root fruits and trees! Plus each student will receive a bare root strawberry plant ( theirs to take home and care for). I have a clever way to plant these.

With the orchard plans of a corn maze and pick your own pumpkin patch, students will take a hay wagon ride through the area where this is planned. Planting may or may not be complete at this visit. (All weather related)

Visit # 2 | Estimated 2nd. week July:

Recap of the first visit along with past and current stages of the fruit in the orchard. Will also discuss the grapes and other plantings. A lecture from our beekeepers is planned. After which a visit to the orchard where 
students will see the progression of the orchard.

junior orchardistbeesProbably the best event is introduced now.
Students will be suited up into a bee suit and along with the beekeeper. Each student will be allowed to get into the beehives.( No touching though), Here they will see the honey flow, the Queens family of new bees, drones, etc.  THIS JUST MAY BE A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT! This also may be the beginning of a new hobby for some of our youths. It certainly will be a eye opener as we discuss the bee populations death counts. The amount of time students will be allowed in the hive will be determined by beekeeper. We must respect the natural events of our furry friends and do no harm to them. We will take pictures of the students suited up and can email them to you.

Students will also revisit the corn maze and pumpkin patch to see its progress. Here students will also scribe their name onto 1 pumpkin which will be theirs to take home come October. (Please note: It’s Mother Nature who determines growth in the pumpkins. We make no guarantee. If pumpkin dies, student will receive a non-scribed pumpkin, you will need to come back to orchard in October to pick up students pumpkin.)

Final visit | Estimated for 3rd. weekend of August:

appleAfter a final recap of our accomplishments, students will be given instructions as to how to correctly harvest our apples. Each student will be given a ¼ peck bag which they will be allowed to fill and take home.

A walk on our rustic walking trails and a visit through the corn maze will complete the 2016 season of the Junior Orchardist Club.



    Sign up here!

    Cost: $99 per student (Please fill out form for each child)

    Hours: Estimated 2 hour classes | 10 am - 4 pm Saturdays or Sundays

    Dates: 1 Visit in May | 1 Visit in July | 1 Visit in August
    (All dates are To Be Determined)

    • Class sizes are limited
    • Your designated time will be your time for ALL three events
    • Please no switching of times

    Our bees are quite friendly, but if your child is allergic please so state and leave us an EPI Pen.

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    Make checks payable to Remick's Orchard in the amount of $99.00 per student. Full payment is required to hold student's spot.
    Sorry Parents: This is a student only event. If we get enough interest we may consider doing adult classes in 2017 with more in-depth studies. Please check here if interested: Yes, I am interested!No, not interested

    Think your child's class would be interested in participating? Please give this information to their teacher. Group rates may be available.