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Remicks Orchard

Anoka County, Minnesota Fresh Picked Apples

Just think we were planting an orchard in Anoka County sand. We ran across pessimistic folks who said it could not be done. Can’t grow apples on this side of the river. Hmm must be the soil or something. Which as a matter of fact has presented its challenges. But today we have apples.

In the spring of 2010 we installed a 10 foot high deer fence. 612 apple trees were planted that year. In the spring of 2011, we planted 435 more apple trees. And in 2013 we added 150 more apple trees to our orchard. Today, we welcome the public to our orchard during apple season for fresh picked Anoka County apples.

2017 fun at the orchard will include apple photo ops, trail walks where you can see 100+ year old grape vines, Wildlife, rare plants. Straw bales, pumpkins, Lucy grape crush, (Remember the old I Love Lucy show where Lucy and Ethel smashed the grapes?) This just could be the best photo you have taken. Don’t forget to get your Apple Mail while at the orchard, there will be information about the orchard along with some tasty apple recipes and things to look for while you are on your tour, a kids apple magnet game, possible cider press and just a lot of fun.

We are a growing operation and since its just us, improvements will come as new dreams come true. We hope you will make this your destination stop and see how year after year we improve, recreate and cater to you our customers.

Apples at Remicks Orchard

Triumph Apple

Now you can grow the latest variety from the University of Minnesota. After years of Apple production resulting in license and royalty fees, the University of Minnesota welcomes Triumph! This Apple boasts excellent scab tolerance with two different genetic forms of resistance. Triumph is a pleasantly tart and well-balanced apple with good storage life, excellent for fresh eating. Midseason bloom, harvest is late September.

Make sure you add this to your home orchard list of trees to grow. You will find this along with our trees for sale in our bare root order form.


For decades Haralson has been the number one apple in Minnesota leading the number of trees planted, and in production. With quite the history of who pollinated who and who is the parentage I am under the conclusion Malinda x Wealthy.

Introduced in 1922 by the University Of Minnesota, this fruit is striped red with greenish-yellow undercover. An extremely winter hardy, very productive apple. Tends to russet some years.

This apple has an excellent, distinctive, tart flavor, very crisp, and juicy keeps well 6-7 months with refrigeration.

Makes the best textured apple pies. Use for all apple desserts. Short of time? Peel, cut up, measure, put into bag, add spices, mix put in freezer. Ready for a pie, take a bag out, add crust, Bake. Another great reason to get a bushel this fall; Homemade apple pies for Christmas gifts. Your family is going to love you!!! And its all because you know the special ingredient. LOVE.

Haralson Apple


(‘McIntosh’ x ‘Longfield’) University of MN, 1943. Large, red striped fruit with a sweet, pleasant flavor.

Excellent flavor good for eating. Good storage life. One of the most popular apples in MN. Resistant to cedar-apple rust.

Unsuitable pollinator for ‘Connell Red’.

Honey Crisp


Honey Crisp the one you have been waiting for. Keepsake and unknown parentage introduced in 1991 changed the way you eat apples. In 2004 research proved that Macoun and HoneyGold were not the parentage as previously thought. 1960 introduced, 1988 patented. Genetic fingerprints. 2004 (Go figure).

This explosively crisp juicy apple has us hooked on fresh fruits. Not to brag but Hey fellow Minnesotans this is our Apple. The state of Minnesota has named it our official fruit.

Other states grow it, you’ve had it in the grocery store and probably wondered, what the big deal. Its ok. Well… you may not have had the MINNESOTA HONEY CRISP.

Its our cool winters and soils that help us to have the best HoneyCrisp apples in the world.

Yes, this popular apple is being grown all over the world. We just can not get enough of this wonderful fruit.

Try to find a core – the core of these apples is so thin, you can almost eat the whole apple. This fruit also requires a lot of calcium uptake. Whatever it needs, we provide the best to get the best.

Honey Crisp apples will last 7-8 months in your refrigerator so think about a bushel this fall. Share with your friends, I guarantee that come January you are going to be wishing for a Remick’s Orchard Honey Crisp apple.

Honey Crisp Apple


Exceptional flavor and crisp texture, much like its parent Honeycrisp, this early ripening variety features much smaller fruit.

Perfect size for snacking or kid’s lunches, with a good balance of sweet flavors and a crisp, juicy bite.

Outstanding variety for homeowners, flowering early in the season and ripening in late August, the fruit is best fresh from the tree, hanging on for an extended period.

McIntosh Apple

(‘Fameuse’ x ‘Detroit Red’) Ontario, Canada, 1870.

A well-known older apple that has a sprightly flavor and a medium storage life.

Nearly solid, bright red skin.

Heavy bearer. Good for eating and baking. Fruit tends to drop when ripe.

Red Prairie Spy

University of Minnesota 1940

This apple is best for cooking and baking. Some say its better than Haralson.

Large fruit with attractive red skin. Crisp juicy and excellent flavor. Hard/firm apple. All purpose apple keeps for 3 months under refrigeration.

Ripens in mid to late October.

A red selection of Prairie Spy. Might consider mixing this with other apple varieties for Cider using Red Prairie Spy as the main apple.

This apple like the Haralson can be pre cut and stored in freezer for winter baked goods.

Red Prairie Spy


Wildung cultivar 2006

SnowSweet parentage is Sharon x Connell Red.

This late September early October apple is just what the name implies. Snow white flesh that is very slow to oxidize. Try this apple in salads, cheese trays anywhere you wish to provide fresh fruit that doesn’t turn brown. Can be used for baking. I like to mix this apple with others for pie blends.

Another Univeristy of Minnesota’s hidden gems. I personally believe this is such a great apple but lacks marketing to prove its greatness.

Sweet tart almost a buttery taste. 3-4 months storage.

Caramel apple anyone? Try it today.

SnowSweet Apple


Minneiska 2009

SweeTango is introduced by the “Club”. A cooperative called the “Next Big Thing” with the University of Minnesota and Pepin Heights ownership and Minnesota orchards who are licensed to lease the trees. A lawsuit filed / finalized in 2011 tells the whole story.

We are growing our SweeTango in high density. We plant the Bud 9 rootstock every 4’ apart using the cordon wire. 4 strings of cordon wire are installed at various intervals and the SweeTango branches grow to them. 50 trees in 200’. WOW!!!

We like to call SweeTango the love child of Zestar and HoneyCrisp. One taste and you will know why.

SweeTango is a juicy, crisp and sweet apple with hints of fall spices. Vibrant acidity. Crisp and Sweet all rolled into one. You will want to keep a napkin handy on this one.

SweeTango has deep red coloration over a yellow background. This apple can have a russet skin believing the rain may have effects on this fruit. Not to worry though its just way to good to pass up.

SweeTango can be held in the refrigerator 3-4 months.

SweeTango Apples


Registered trademark “Minnewashta USPP 11,367″

A perfect way to start the apple season is with Zestar.

In early season this University of Minnesota apple is sure to get your taste buds craving more.

Just one bite and you will savor the zesty flavor and crunch all with the hint of brown sugar.

Zestar was introduced in 1998 with State Fair and a unknown parent coming together to create a crunchy tart yet somewhat sweet apple. It will last about 3 months in the crisper of your refrigerator.

Zestar with a 3” plus diameter has about 60-85% rosy-red blush when sun has penetrated well. The shaded part holds a creamy yellow skin.

Zestar a great apple eaten plain or dipped in caramel. Yes you can bake or sauce with these.

Zestar truly is an apple you just can not get enough of.

Zestar Apple