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Activities & Apples
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Apple Picking!

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Weekdays 10am - 3pm
Weekends 10am - 4pm

Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in Anoka County, MN

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Chuck and I have learned that we have been nominated by the University Of Minnesota,
Anoka County 2021 Family Farm Of The Year!

So it’s occurred to us that someone had to nominate us. I’ve since learned several people nominated us!
Just being nominated is the biggest gift that we could have possibly asked for.

So I got to thinking a little bit about this and wondered if people really know all that we’ve done here at our farm with this Anoka county soil. Classified as Zimmermans soil, it is almost like beach sand.
Prior to putting in the apple orchard the property was leased to a farmer who planted mainly corn and a few soybeans. Just prior to planting we did a soil analysis. Here we learned our soil was quite depleted of its nutritional value.

Thinking it was quite easy just to go and plant some trees and Wham Bam, that would be it, we’d be harvesting. We soon found out that wasn’t the case. Lime: sometimes I think we could bring the whole rock quarry over to our orchard and still wouldn’t be enough calcium into the soil. But we did the best we could.
Liming the field every year starting with a rock type lime and now going to powdered bags as we found that this releases into the soil much faster. We also heard from someone that you could create organic matter by using blackstrap molasses and that’s what we tried. One cup of blackstrap molasses watered into the soil really well, rotted pig manure, our leaves and compost; whatever we had was mixed into the soil. We also took our wood chips that we drove on for years that had composted down and added them into our soil. After a few years, wow we got angle worms. I’m not claiming that the whole orchard is perfect we’re just saying some areas of our soil we’ve managed to change. But with Zimmerman soil it leeches out quickly.

Many of you have read the story about my grandparents owning this property and purchasing it on June 15, 1935 and that I was born June 15, 1953 so it holds a special interest in my heart. Our son and our grandkids are instrumental in working with us in the orchard as well. That’s 86 years and 5 generations. Being the caretakers of this amazing property alone is a great honor!

We were also told by several people that we could not plant apple trees this side of the river and then we found out why, due to the extreme sandy soil.
But we planted 1500 trees and are harvesting quite well now 11 years later. It’s not all been perfect, the 2018 winter which brought -50 degrees played an important role to ALL apple orchards.

We bring in 10 honey bee hives to pollinate every year. Without these marvelous creatures our food supply chain would decrease immediately. Our farm brings in chickens every year as well. Not only do they provide us with a source of eggs, they help with pesticide use. We give them to a local farmer at the end of the year so their lives can continue on.

One of the big goals at the Orchard was to sell apple trees or fruit trees to the public so that you could be just like us. You could have your own backyard apple orchard. Plus I think it’s good for people to realize that just planting a tree doesn’t necessarily make you a success you need to work at it to find the right ingredients. Not only from within your body but from within the soil's that you have been given.

I would especially like to say that I am proud and honored to have been the caretakers of this property that was handed down to me in 1999 and we look forward to wherever the journey takes us.

We would like to thank the University of Minnesota for our nomination.

On March 23, 2021 some well deserving family farm will be awarded with the title: 2021 Anoka County Family Farm of the Year.

Donna & Chuck Remick
Remick’s Orchard
“From Our Heart To The Core”

Apple stand is open seven days a week 9 AM to 5 PM.
Activity and u-pick hours are listed on Remick’s Orchard Facebook page and on the recorded line 612-240-3355

Apples ripen at different times and some varieties are limited. To ensure the variety you are requesting is available, please check Remick's Orchard Facebook page or call the hot line 612-240-3355 We always stock premium apples at the apple stand. There is no cost to come in and purchase our premium apples, pantry goods, pies, etc.
There is a charge to enter into the apple orchard and pick apples. Prices posted at the stand.
Any apple you touch must go into your bag. Please do not pick up windfall apples. Be sure to take your Apple bag home and wash your apples.

No backpacks, strollers, throwing apples, climbing trees or eating apples in the orchard.

With COVID-19 please use your time wisely as others wish to visit also.

U-pick is available Weekdays 10 - 3 and Weekends 10am -4pm. Last entry for apple picking is 3pm and you must be out of the orchard by 4pm.

Call the hotline for variety picking 612-240-3355

Sorry, but we will run out of certain varieties.
You must have an Apple U-Pick bag, basket or box to enter the apple orchard. No exceptions.

Strollers must be left at the entrance of the u-pick area.
Hand wash stations and portable rest rooms are provided for your convenience.

Apple stand offers our frequent buyers a punch card. Purchase eight 1/2 peck premium apple bags and get a 1/2 peck bag of apples for free. No expiration.

Join us for Fall activities!

Activities are $8.00 per person, children under three are free. Everyone who goes back into the activities area must have a wristband on.
We are totally located outside, mask wearing is at your discretion.
Let’s make the 2020 fall harvest a family fun event.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, each guest will be allowed limited time in the U-pick area.
No eating apples in the orchard, you must take them home and wash.
Please only touch the fruit you are putting into your bag.
Wash stations provided.
Please use your hand sanitizer.
Please stay within the marked trees, most apples ripen at different times.
Thank you.

Please check Remick’s Orchard Facebook page for hours and availability.

In season, open daily 9am-5pm  – last entry is 4pm

U-pick and Activities 10-4

We run our program with high school students, we may be open during the week if students are available. Please check Facebook or call 612-240-3355.

Cost:$ 8.00 pp | Children 3 and under free
Text 612-240-3355 for availability & questions

Activities weekdays 10-3 (no apple blaster). Weekends 10 – 4, all included.

Activity price includes:

Apple blaster (2 shots), 1 grain train ride, corn pit, walking stilts, wobble boards, corn pit, ducky races, slack line, rope swings, rope climbs, plinko board, straw bale photos, face cut out photo ops, straw bale art, checkers, big chairs, grind corn/feed our chickens, Yahtzee, straw bale climb, gunny sack races, check your height by our dinosaurs, then a family photo by our 1948 GMC truck, plus more. 

Pumpkins: Mid September – the end of October. Priced per pound. We have beautiful large stemmed varieties.

Pumpkins and Fall decor available. 


Visit our Wishing Tree:

Purchase a ribbon for $1 (or make a donation). Take the ribbon to the wishing tree, make a wish and tie your ribbon to the tree. Our wish is to raise enough funds to help a child receive a prosthetic arm or leg or purchase wheelchairs or needy items for special children who need some extra help.

Know someone in need? Contact me!

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Hot Apple Cider 12 oz glass  – In season only

Take and bake homemade pies!
Plus sample our favorite apples. Apple purchases at the stand 9-5 everyday🍎 until October 28th, plus so much more!

Honey and honeycomb still available




Welcome to Remick’s Orchard!

Our 40 acre farm in Anoka County, Minnesota dates back to 1935. We have more than five acres planted with apple, cherry and plum trees We also have two acres of Minnesota hardy grapes, small fruits and vegetables including blueberries, raspberries, and fresh asparagus. Remick’s Orchard is hoping to be your favorite fruit company.

Our orchard is open seasonally every year, starting early in the spring with our first asparagus picking. Please call us before visiting to ensure that we are open and have produce in stock for purchase.

Apple Orchard

Fun at the orchard will include trail walks where you can see wildlife, and rare plants. We have fantastic photo opportunities with our straw bales and pumpkins.


Minnesota Grown

Remick’s orchard is a member of Minnesota Grown and the Minnesota Apple Growers Association.

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