18978 Lake George Blvd. NW
Anoka, MN 55303

Remicks Orchard

Apple Orchard & Pumpkin Patch in Anoka County, MN

Here’s the Update on Remicks’s Orchard

2009 on paper we designed what would be a 12 year adventure.

Told by some that we would never grow apples
We took the challenge to prove them wrong.
With over 1500 apple, cherry, plum and pear trees, we became your hosts which turned out to be an amazing journey.

2012 we harvested and sold our first annual apple crop.

Soon we would open the orchard to u pick and family activities.

Weekdays young students would visit us and tour the farm. This was our chance to educate these young people about fruit!
Many of our first time customers stayed with us year after year. Chuck and I feel so blessed to have hugged and laughed with so many people. We met some wonderful folks who have become good friends with.

We feel we did a good job educating our community with fruit trees; how to plant , tree varieties, tree care and even how to pick an apple.

Last year we were awarded Anoka County Family Farm of the Year making this a unexpected but great honor.

Many high school students got their first job with us. Fun to watch how shy some started out and by the end of the season becoming such chatterboxes.

We picked a few mottos like: “There’s Only One Way To Store Grapes”, “ Have an Applelific Day” and our favorite we wore on our shirts “ From Our Heart To The Core”

We do leave in good health full of many many memories. To all those who personally made our job so easy we say Thank you. To those who just happened upon us, we thank you. Thank you everyone for caring about us!

Our property has been in our family since 1935 and it’s very hard to say goodbye, but the time has come for Chuck and I to retire and begin the final stage of our life.

So with the above being said, we have sold our property to a land developer. I’m sorry , I’m sorry….. we tried to find someone to take over but couldn’t get it done. I do not know any details about the status of this development.

So with this news, we say goodbye and one last THANK YOU

Donna & Chuck Remick